Blanche de Moscou
Burlesque acts
As different as I am
Classical burlesque performance, danced with grace and beauty. Slow and luxurious start (in Merlin Monroe's style rose dress and boa) with incendiary and energetic final with 60-s style moves.
Music: April Stevens "I understand", "Hello baby"
Duration: 6.40 min or 5 min
Neo-burlesque act. Mix of tribal fusion, burlesque and ritual dance. Special suit of three-meter red cloth, long fingertips from Thailand. Memorable finale with a wax play. Mysterious and fascinating dance, demonic energy, ritual sacrifice.
Music: Amon Tobin "Horsefish", "The Killer's Vanilla"
Duration: 8 min or 5 min
This act is extremely sexy and provocative. Dressed as a sea captain and dancing to the catchy 90s music, I bring back the image of the powerful women of the late 20th century - beautiful, commanding and very, very seductive.
Music: Art of Noise "Peter Gunn"
Duration: 4 min
Elegant and seductive dance. I start as a stylish dominatrix in vinil jacket and skirt, leather red dress, then turn into a playful woman, while undressing and drinking champane. In this act I have some nice tricks with props and I can go down to the hall to play with audience. I undress until stockings, garters, corset and pestis. Music: Albert Cummings "Lonly Bed" Duration: 7 min or 5 min
Short bio:

A rising star of Russian burlesque. Co-producer of the first regular classic burlesque show in Moscow "Ladies of Burlesque". Her performance style is "kinky burlesque" and it's a combination of extremely provocative concepts, tight choreographies and attention to detail.

In 2018 Blanche was named "Most Enchanting" performer at Berlin Burlesque Week and she participated at Ibiza Burlesque Festival.
"The Flame" promo
"Blanche en rose" preview
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