Blanche de Moscou
that's how all this began
that's how all this began
sit down
take a breath
feel my tenderness
Not as simple as you think
Let me show you my kinky side
For as long as I remember myself, all I wanted to do was dance, dress up and perform in front of a live audience.
My first fans were my parents and relatives, and their support helped me grow up into a diva I am now. I spent 7 years as a soloist in a Russian folk dance ensemble, travelling the world, but had to abandon this dream in order to become a "proper adult", graduate from college and get a normal job.

But I didn't stay a proper adult for long.
I started calling my kinky self Blanche in 2017, when I discovered burlesque due to my muse and my teacher Anja Pavlova. Once I've tried burlesque I felt I found my passion.
I'm a big fan of Tennessee Williams' "Streetcar named Desire" and so I called my kinky part of me after Blanche Dubois. I speak french, I love Paris, but I was born in Moscow that's how Blanche de Moscou appears.
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